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Dry-off early — Extending the dry period to 80 or 100 days if cows are already low in milk will immediately drop production. He advised not to add these farther-off cows to current dry cow groups; instead, put them in a different pen or pasture. Here, they can receive a separate, cheaper ration.
Culling — Remember to consider how you will replace these animals when the market returns. Do you have enough heifers, or will you need to purchase some?
Adjusting the ration — Creating a low-group total mixed ration (TMR) that is less nutrient-dense for the bottom half or third of the herd can reduce production in those cows by 6 to 8 pounds each day. However, this is not the time to pull feed additives out of the ration or alter fresh cow protocols.
Reduce from 3x milking to 2x — This change can also result in a 6- to 8-pound drop in daily production, although it may be tougher to implement from a labor perspective. Again, this is not a strategy to consider for fresh cows.
Feeding waste milk — If fed to calves, milk should be pasteurized. For a TMR, Hutjens advised adding about 16 pounds in order to keep moisture under 60%. Those nutrients would be valued near $8 per cwt.

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